Clams while I cooked

OK, it’s one thing to be out-clammed by my friend Linda, who knows more about the sea — how to navigate it, how to catch what grows in it — than almost anyone I know.  It’s quite another to be out-clammed by my husband, who only has marginally more clamming experience than I do.  Today, we went to the Bay Street area in Cotuit Bay, and he had half a peck by the time I’d gotten seven measly clams.  Worse, when he invited me to dig in his motherlode, all I came up with was empty shells.

I think I have the clam jinx.

I can live with it, though.  Kevin shucked me a half-dozen littlenecks while I made the garlicky collards and rice pilaf that would accompany his pan-fried flounder.  Life is good.