Clams on pizza

Kevin and I are very particular about our pizza, and we’ve spent long hours slaving in front of a hot oven perfecting our dough recipe, which involves high-protein Sir Lancelot flour from King Arthur, and our baking technique, which involves not just one, but two pizza stones.

I use the term “our” very loosely, because it’s Kevin who’s done most of the perfecting, and it was Kevin who produced a spectacular white clam pizza.  It had chopped clams in a sauce of clam juice, wine, and heavy cream, flavored with onions, garlic, a bay leaf, and some crushed red pepper.  We topped it with a little basil and some (foraged) wild chives.

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  1. Finally had a minute to check out the blog, it is great! I find it kind of funny that I have lived on the cape for 34 years now and never harvested mussels. I love to eat them, and know that they are all over but I think I figured that the ones we eat come from Maine or somewhere. I only checked out the last few days and had to go get a snack.

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