turkey in the kitchen

No turkeys in the kitchen! No chickens in the engine compartment! No pigs in the … okay, yeah, pigs can go in the mud.

The enigmatic birdbrain

The sole survivor of the Standard Bronze poults

I don’t understand poultry. If I could look at a chicken and read what passes for its mind, life might be a lot easier around here. Explain to me why, when we introduced a new batch of three-month-old chickens into our flock of two-year-olds last summer, there was all-out gang warfare, but when we toss […]

Flocking together

turkey and chickens coexisting

I should have known what to expect. After all, we all know the adage: birds of different species, with different temperaments and dietary requirements, flock together. The thing about animals is that they have their own ideas about how they want to spend their days. Because we humans have free will and opposable thumbs, we […]

Problem turkeys

Little One

Turkeys, we’ve always said, are easy. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The thing about plants and animals is that they’re never the same twice. Our first two years were quite different, but it happened that they were both easy. This year is trouble, trouble, trouble. You know the saga. It started with sourcing problems, continued with hatching […]

To hell with hunting season

Raccoon attempting turkey pen break-in

I don’t think you have any perspective on your childhood until you’re an adult. When you’re a kid, it just is what it is (although instant worldwide access to everything may be changing this). When you grow up, you hear about different kinds of upbringings until, one day, it dawns on you that there is […]