Catalog season is coming up fast. A lot of them used to come in the mail around this time of year, but not many companies send them any more. Those companies have apparently cottoned on to the idea that we never buy anything. At least, we never buy anything that those holiday-season catalogs sell, like […]

Coming soon: Another O’Gyver engineering project


I know a lot of you have a fondness for my husband.  In fact, I harbor a suspicion that, if Kevin weren’t a big part of Starving, I’d have almost no readers at all.  His projects — particularly the ill-fated chicken-plucker — seem to be the most interesting part of what we do here. So […]

Gearing up

Our new, used, tuna reel

This year, we’re going for tuna. Bluefin tuna. Yes, Kevin and I have caught tuna fever. It’s tempting to blame our friend Jon, who, out of the blue, invited us on what turned out to be a successful tuna fishing trip. But tuna is big around here, and we spend a lot of time with […]

It’s a wrap

scott wrapping boat

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This is the phenomenon at the root of all our health care problems. It’s why, when doctors get MRI machines, patients get scans. It’s why back surgeons operate on backs that won’t benefit from surgery. It’s why breast cancer professionals – doctors, nurses, […]



Because I’ve spent what we’ve had of spring fretting about my garden, mishandling my seedlings, and grousing about my soil, a piece of news slipped under the radar. We bought another boat. If you’ve been following this space, you know we already had enough boats to make a raft of armada jokes possible, so you’re […]