Poor Man’s Lobster Rolls

Poor Man's Lobster, coming aboard

We should all be suspicious of any recipe called “poor man’s” anything. No good can come of imitating a really good expensive thing with a less good inexpensive thing. Unless, of course, you happen to have the less expensive thing, and you’re curious. That’s where we were, when we heard about Poor Man’s Lobster. But […]

The end of Spring Break

The ice cream mobile

It started in the last week of May, with the Land Rover. We had friends over, and we decided to go to the Four Seas for ice cream after dinner. The Rover, a 1970 model, is our usual ice-cream vehicle, both because we can fit six people in it and because it just seems right […]

The lobster wrap

The last run of the season

Yesterday, we pulled the rest of our lobster pots out for the season. Although there are still lobsters to be had, as days get colder and shorter and the wind is increasingly out of the north, opportunities to take our boat out into the bay are fewer and farther between. Yesterday was a good day, […]

Winding down

The chickens, helping to clean off the lobster pots

Winter changes everything. Most of what we do happens between April and November. Fishing, gardening, foraging. Turkeys, mushrooms, lobsters. None of them go through the winter, and this is the time of year that we decommission the garden, put away the fishing gear, winterize and store the boats. We have a few winter activities. We’ll […]

What’s that smell?

I was high hook, with five fish, but my biggest was only 8 pounds

I’m beginning to think the mark of authenticity is the mess. When I get a lobster in a restaurant, somebody else caught it, a different somebody cooked it, and the only mess I can make involves my shirtfront. (Okay, and my companions, and my hair, but that’s only because I’m a particularly exuberant lobster eater.) […]