Gardening: The road to hell

I cannot believe I'm posting a picture of poop

You know how they say a Republican is a Democrat who’s been mugged? You don’t? Well, I guess they don’t say that so much anymore. But they used to. Honest. And, in that same vein, but perhaps without that same pithy concision, a killer is a pacifist who’s had her tomatoes eaten by a chipmunk. […]

The state of the garden

The shed!

It’s a beautiful day, today is. Sunny, calm, and just warm enough. Which means I have to garden. Sigh. For the last couple of weeks, Kevin has been working all day, every day. First thing in the morning, he has coffee and catches up on the news, and then heads out to get things done. […]

Gardening, farming, and Verlyn Klinkenborg

The town's compost pile, available to all residents!

I am going to say it out loud.  I don’t enjoy gardening. Yesterday, I was ready to say ‘I hate gardening,’ but I slept on it and a new day convinced me that wasn’t really true. There are parts of gardening I don’t mind (seed starting, watering), and one I actively enjoy (harvesting!). Yesterday, though, […]

Fruits of our labors


There are some jobs that are best left to professionals. Plumbing. Aircraft maintenance. And, I’m convinced, melon growing. Every spring, we’ve planted one kind of melon or another, but in a lottery-ticket spirit. We don’t really expect any melons but, hey, you never know. Really, though, we did know. We weren’t going to get any […]


turkey and cukesc

Can a surfeit of cucumbers be said to be a bounty? I’m thinking no. It is, instead, a testament to bad planning. In May, the idea of healthy, vigorous cucumber vines flourishing in the hoophouse and growing a robust crop of cool, crisp cucumbers is very appealing. So appealing that I planted seven – seven! […]