The smell test

Our latest quarry

Looking back over what we’ve learned in the five years we’ve been here, I think it’s instructive to compare our fishing and hunting experiences. Fishing, we’ve been reasonably successful. Over the season, we catch enough fish to feed us one or twice a week all year, with extra to barter. Our bluefish and striped bass […]

The deer departed

Yes, a picture of poop

Kevin’s word is always to be relied on. This is all well and good when, as a trader, he gives his word to his customer that he will give them the best possible fill. Also when, as a husband, he gives his word to have and to hold and, if not to obey, certainly to […]

The deer schneid

One of the many deer we didn't see (courtesy of Wiki Commons)

I suspect it would be really easy to write an interesting, engaging post about a successful deer hunt. I mean, really, the thing practically writes itself. You go out in the freezing pre-dawn dark, you sit in your treestand, listening. Then, when there’s just enough light to see (and to legally shoot), you hear the […]

The Maine chance

We left the deer poop

It’s that time of year again. The time when the leaves we’re not raking pile up all over the property. The remains of the plants in the garden we haven’t decommissioned slowly turn brown. The herbs we haven’t planted in the hoophouse don’t yield basil, thyme, or oregano. The tuna we haven’t caught swims in […]

Tovar Cerulli and mindful carnivorousness


Charles Murray’s new book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is about the vast and growing difference between the top and bottom echelons of our society. The highly educated elite live in a kind of a bubble, sharing less and less in the way of values and experience with those on the lower […]