Peace on Earth: Henhouse Edition

See her there, in the back?

First, let me wish you all a happy new year. I hope 2015 is a year of good health and good food. It is also traditional, at this time, to give a shout-out to peace on earth, the universal perennial hope for a newly minted year. You’ll be happy to know that we here at […]

Gardening: The road to hell

I cannot believe I'm posting a picture of poop

You know how they say a Republican is a Democrat who’s been mugged? You don’t? Well, I guess they don’t say that so much anymore. But they used to. Honest. And, in that same vein, but perhaps without that same pithy concision, a killer is a pacifist who’s had her tomatoes eaten by a chipmunk. […]


Caught in the act, on the VarmintCam

We have rats. The tunnels started appearing in the raised beds and the hoophouse a couple months ago, but I didn’t worry too much because there’s nothing in the raised beds or the hoophouse. But then they breached the chicken coop. Our coop has poultry fencing across the bottom, under about six inches of dirt […]

Pigs: The last chapter

Carrying Tiny's carcass up from the pen

It’s been a month, now, since we slaughtered the pigs, and the day stays with me.  The story is in today’s Washington Post, and on their site.

All death, all the time


Animals always want to do dangerous stuff. Cats want to prowl the woods at night. Dogs want to stick their heads waaaaaay out the window. Pigs want to break out of their pens and explore a major street (trust me on this one). And chickens? Chickens want to be out in the fresh air and […]