One man’s meat chickens

Cornish crosses, at five weeks

The subject of the e-mail was ‘“soon”???’ The e-mail itself went like this: “Your definition of “soon” must be waaaay different from mine. Since Aug 11, virtually every day, I go to “Starving”, to see the new post, and it’s never there. I’m aware that you also write to make a living, but it seems […]

Coming soon: Another O’Gyver engineering project


I know a lot of you have a fondness for my husband.  In fact, I harbor a suspicion that, if Kevin weren’t a big part of Starving, I’d have almost no readers at all.  His projects — particularly the ill-fated chicken-plucker — seem to be the most interesting part of what we do here. So […]

Spring chickens


If you listen to Tennyson, you know that spring is the time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love. It was smart of Tennyson to focus on the young when it comes to the thinking that happens in spring, because we older folk have much less poetic concerns. For starters, there’s the […]

The smartest chicken in the world

george and grinder

I am not a romantic. My husband will vouch for me here. When we got married, it was a cut-and-dried affair. We went down to City Hall with our two oldest friends and, eight seconds later, we were married. We then took our two oldest friends out for breakfast, and got on a plane to […]

All death, all the time


Animals always want to do dangerous stuff. Cats want to prowl the woods at night. Dogs want to stick their heads waaaaaay out the window. Pigs want to break out of their pens and explore a major street (trust me on this one). And chickens? Chickens want to be out in the fresh air and […]