Fishing for glory

Amy and her 12-pound bluefish

We fished in a tournament yesterday, and we lost. The tournament was the annual Ladies Shoal Troll, a benefit for breast cancer research. Only women can fish, although men can (and do) captain the boats. Kevin and I invited our friends Amy and Beth to come with us. This was a strategic maneuver. Amy owns […]

Bluefish with bacon, onions, and tomatoes

We even bluefished in a tournament. We didn't win.

It’s a damn good thing bluefish aren’t delicious. At least, they’re not delicious most of the time. A bluefish has to be treated just so, or it degenerates into a pile of nasty, oily, fish flesh in record time. A science aside: there are two reasons for this. One is good old oxidation, in which […]

Other people’s fish

Kevin helping Leo reel in a bluefish

It’s been all fishing, all the time around here lately, and I know that those of you who are interested in the garden, the chickens, the turkeys, the pigs, the recipes, or current events can barely stifle your yawns. But, hey, that’s the nature of seasonality! Each month I get to bore a different segment […]

About a boat

shrinkwrap off

If, like me, you are fascinated with cognitive neuroscience, you have undoubtedly been following the research on happiness. Basically, we’re learning that things we think will make us happy don’t, usually. New York Times columnist John Tierney is as taken with all this as I am, and he ran a little experiment a couple years […]

The black art of bluefish


  Uncertainty is the mother of superstition, and getting food first-hand – farming or fishing, hunting or gathering – is maddeningly uncertain. Hunters, in the absence of a sure-fire way to find deer, swear by lucky hats or rabbit sightings. In the quest for consistent harvests, biodynamic gardeners harness cosmic-astral influences by burying chamomile-stuffed cow […]