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The StyCam has been shut down in preparation for pig slaughter. Thanks to all who visited, and sent good vibes.

Relive all of Spot, Doc and Tiny's greatest hits

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A blast from the passed

It was almost a year ago now that Kevin and I, with the help of friends, slaughtered our pigs. It was a brutally difficult day. Shooting, bleeding, gutting, and de-hairing a 300-pound animal is an indelible experience, and that day encroaches on every other memory I have of Tiny, Spot, and Doc. Death looms larger […]

GM? We don't care!

Of pigs and priorities

The latest salvo in the GMO wars came last week, and it hit close to home because pigs were involved. If you follow these issues, you may have seen the paper. The researchers divided a group of pigs into two groups, and fed one standard genetically modified feed and the other non-GM feed. They found […]

Cubing lard for rendering makes clean-up easier

How to render lard

I have long held that, were I required to limit my lifelong meat consumption to just one animal, it would have to be the pig. If I could have only one more meal of meat, it would be lamb, but a pig’s versatility makes it the premier eating animal. Spare ribs! Tenderloin! Bacon! Raising my […]

Carrying Tiny's carcass up from the pen

Pigs: The last chapter

It’s been a month, now, since we slaughtered the pigs, and the day stays with me.  The story is in today’s Washington Post, and on their site.

Rook demonstrating pig butchery (photo by Susan Tuveson)

Taking the cure

It’s almost two weeks since we slaughtered the pigs, and only now is everything under control, thanks to the miracle that is the household freezer. The fresh cuts – chops, roasts, tenderloins – have been distributed to their recipients (we raised Doc and Tiny for friends, and Spot for us). The remaining bits and pieces […]

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