Oyster farm

Fear itself

I’m suspicious of emotions. Always have been. Seems to me they’re more likely to make you say the wrong thing, date the wrong guy, or believe the wrong idea than they are to bring you joy, give you peace, or improve you in any way. The downside of anger, jealousy, and distress vastly outweighs the […]

Contain yourself

I’ve got a question. What was the most important invention of the 20th century? There’s a lot to choose from. There are the usual suspects, like the airplane, the computer, or the Internet, but picking one of those gives short shrift to the many other standouts that help get us through each day – starting […]

Time, tide, and temperature

It’s been hot here. The average highs on Cape Cod through most of July and August are in the seventies. The high seventies, mostly, but even the high seventies are pretty moderate, by summer standards. This year, though, we’re seeing way too many nineties. Kevin, who doesn’t tolerate heat well, has tried to get it […]

Three generations of oysters

Our oyster season is in full swing, and we have, as we speak, three generations of crop on the farm. They aren’t literal generations, they’re more like a year-class – all three come from the hatchery, and they may or may not be genetic relations. But it’s easier to refer to them as grandparents, parents, […]

The oysters are out

The two busiest times of the oyster-growing year are spring, when we put our gear and seed out, and fall, when we take it in. Each has its satisfaction. We finished buttoning up the farm in January, when we took in almost all our equipment. We left nine trays, densely packed with about 10,000 almost-legal […]