I asked my friend Maggie to help because I knew she had the right hat

I’m not much a of a planner. There are no to-do lists in my life. There are no schedules. There is no time management. There is only triage. Anything that doesn’t absolutely, positively, have to happen today gets the put-off. The extent to which this is a problem is in direct proportion to the number […]

Wild thing

Russ Cohen, edible plant guy

We’ve been cultivating plants for millennia (that’s “we” the human race, not “we” Tamar and Kevin), and have turned the plants that thrive in the wild, which are often bitter, woody, sour, or poisonous, into the sweet, tender, domesticated crops we have come to depend on. In the process, we’ve turned them into sissies. They’ve […]

We’ll eat that

Turkey plumage

It seems we’ve gotten the reputation for being inveterate scavengers who will eat absolutely anything. I could be wrong, but I think this is because we are inveterate scavengers who will eat absolutely anything. Which is why, when our friend Geri saw her neighbor accidentally hit a wild turkey, she called us. “We have a […]

Stop and pick the mushrooms

The bill is for its scale, not its value

I’m a slow runner, but slow has its advantages. I listen to audiobooks while I run, and being slow buys me more listening time. I never have race anxiety because I know I’ll be bringing up the rear. And I have time to look around for mushrooms. I’ve logged many miles on the trails of […]

True grit


New Englanders pride themselves on their hardy stoicism. They take what comes, they persevere, they endure. If you’re going to get along here, you never complain about the weather, the traffic, or the fish not biting. I think this is why steamers, popular in this neck of the woods, never caught on anywhere else. No […]