How, and why, to open a coconut

The unbearable hairiness of coconuts

It’s easy to get blasé in Florida. Once you’ve been there about fifteen minutes, you’re like “Blah blah pelicans, yadda yadda manatees. Sunshine sunshine blah yadda mangoes. Golf.” The state is there to help Americans relax, and that’s why Kevin and I spent a couple of months visiting. And not just any couple of months, […]

2014: The calorie retrospective

My little button buck: 9800 calories.

Back in 2012, Kevin and I set a goal of getting 20.12% — OK, call it 20% — of our calories from what we grew, hunted, fished, and gathered. I kept a monthly tally and added it up at the end of the year. It was an interesting exercise. We did it because, the previous […]

Fungi gone wild!

Mushroom identity flowchart

Let’s talk about wild food. I’m in favor of wild food. If we can get our sustenance from what grows around us, and help ease the burden on our food supply, that’s a good thing. But here’s the dirty little secret of wild food: most of it isn’t very good. If I had a little […]

Dead bird walking

turkeys in hoophouse

We are within 24 hours of solving the Turkey Problem. The Turkey Problem started in May, when we got a lone poult, of indeterminate breeding, from a clutch of a half-dozen fertilized eggs we bought from a local guy. Our trusty Buff Orpington hen, Queenie, did her level best, but she wasn’t able to manage […]


can of acorns

Over the last several months, acorns have played a much more significant role in my life than I ever thought they would. I blame Al and Christl. Frequent Starving visitors know Al and Christl. They’ve done just about everything we do – raised chickens, kept bees, cultivated shiitakes, grown vegetables – and have given us […]