The best smoked trout on the planet

First, catch a trout.

You know me. You know I almost never tell you how to do anything. There’s a good reason for that. If you want to learn how to do something, the best strategy, by far and away, is to learn from the people who spend a lot of time getting good at that one thing. Want […]

That sinking feeling

Kevin, hog ringing

Kevin’s been spending time in rehab. Not that kind of rehab. Oyster tray rehab. From the time our oysters are a little under two inches long until we sell them, they live in three-by-four foot trays. Each tray is made out of pvc-coated one-inch wire mesh. There are several variables in the trays, and you […]

Putting biodegradability to the test

Break out the zip ties.

Kevin likes to use wood, bamboo, and jute twine to build his garden structures. There’s only one problem with biodegradable materials.

How, and why, to open a coconut

The unbearable hairiness of coconuts

It’s easy to get blasé in Florida. Once you’ve been there about fifteen minutes, you’re like “Blah blah pelicans, yadda yadda manatees. Sunshine sunshine blah yadda mangoes. Golf.” The state is there to help Americans relax, and that’s why Kevin and I spent a couple of months visiting. And not just any couple of months, […]

Darwin and me

Our neighbor, Scott Laurie of Spring Creek Oyster

Were we to put forth nominees for Most Influential Scientist Ever, I suspect many of you would, like me, be pulling for Charles Darwin. That such a straightforward hypothesis about how we, all of us, came to be the way we are had the power to fundamentally change our understanding of the world around us! […]