Tovar’s venison, and the It Takes a Village dinner

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Tovar Cerulli, of A Mindful Carnivore, came to visit Cape Cod, and I got to meet him.  Unlike me, he had a successful hunting season, and he brought me some venison.  There aren’t too many things Kevin likes better than venison loin, so he lit up the grill.

It was only when I opened the refrigerator to see what I could make to go with it that I realized we had bounty from so many friends.  I made an asparagus risotto with Amanda’s leeks, Frank and Judi’s garlic, and Al and Christl’s asparagus.  And then a smoked oyster cream sauce with Les’s oysters, which we’d smoked and frozen last fall.

All we contributed was chives for the sauce, and sea salt for everything.

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