Christi’s asparagus

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My friends Al and Christl, inexplicably, left the country for a month right in the middle of asparagus season.  I, of course, volunteered to garden-sit. 

Their asparagus patch produces the best asparagus I’ve ever tasted.  It’s purple, and the spears come up fat and crisp.  The first time Kevin and I had them, we were a little leery of spears with a circumference almost as big as my wrist, but then we tasted them.  They’re tender even at the base.

I cut about a dozen spears, peeled the outer layer off the bottom of the fattest spears, and grilled them with salt, pepper, and olive oil.


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  1. I’m finding I prefer the fatties to the skinnies as well. When we lived in Europe we found unbelievable fat asparagus at the market. My stunned husband exclaimed, “they’re the size of *dildoes* fer crissake!” Fortunately, we weren’t in an Anglophone area, so no one reacted badly to this. We once had lunch at a restaurant which consisted of a few of the fatties with a perfectly poached egg on top, and some wonderful local cheese bits and herbs strewn around, probably a butter-based sauce. It was memorable.