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We unfolded the huge canvas tarp we use to cover the boat over the winter and found a nest of ants in its folds.  We called over the clean-up squad and, within just a few minutes, every single last ant was on its way to becoming in egg.

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  1. Eggsellent! What a fitting end for the ants.

  2. Read your post a few days back about losing the hen- wanted to let you know we share your pain. I came home from work mid afternoon on Sat. to find my 7 mos. old lab puppy standing over a hen plucking her. She was lucky and survived- the other set of feathers in the yard belonged to the not so fortunate hen. these hens were not loose in the yard- Miss Annie had to work hard to get to them- sigh!

  3. That is FANTASTIC! I need to borrow those chickens come summer 🙂 xo