Amanda’s itty bitty watermelons

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Our friend Amanda brought us the smallest watermelons I’ve ever seen.  They were no bigger than limes, but they had telltale watermelon stripes.  I cut one in half, and it looked like a watermelon, only a little pale.  Thing is, it tasted delicious.  Crisp and sweet, all two bites of it.

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  1. I planted my first garden this year. My yard was not-yet-rehabilitated native prairie grass. I put in some heritage, “small” melons, then never really got around to keeping out the grasses.

    I got two melons – the first was four inches across – I measured. The other was smaller than the last orange I brought home. Both were delicious. There were a couple of others, but they split and the bugs got them.

    I don’t recommend prairie grass infestation, as a means to keep the watermelon small.

  2. Any idea where to buy seeds or what the variety was? Sounds interesting.