Mint in an experimental cocktail

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This one was simply adding muddled mint to a gin & tonic.  Much better than yesterday’s failed rosemary experiment, but then mint is so much easier to shoehorn into a cocktail.

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  1. I’m partial to anise hyssop muddled in with gin and club soda. I’ve never been fond of the sweet-bitter combination. So lime with the tonic, but club soda if there’s any hint of sweetness. Got anise hyssop? It’s good for experimental muddling.

  2. Kate — In one sense, I feel like I’m a world-class muddler, no experimentation required. In the cocktail sense, though, I’m game for anything. I don’t have anise hyssop, but I suspect I have friends who do. When I get my little hands on some, I’ll try it with gin and soda. Thanks.