Eggs in lobster spaetzle, with asparagus

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It was Every Other Friday, on Saturday, and Kevin made lobster spaetzle.  He got a 2 1/2 pound lobster, cooked it and removed the meat.  He made a stock with the shells, and then a sauce with the stock — and butter, and cream.  That, with the cut-up meat, went over his home-made spaetzle. 

On the side was asparagus, from our friends Elsa and Andre, pan-grilled with thyme.  

We drank a Treana viognier blend, from California’s central coast.

Sucks to be us, eh?

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  1. Sucks indeed. Did you at least have the good grace to fall in the bay getting that lobster?

  2. Paula — We actually bought the lobster, since our pots aren’t out yet this season. But I assure you I’m going to do my utmost NOT to fall into the bay getting them.