Shameless self-promotion

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Blame it on Danny, from Cottage Smallholder. He had the bright idea of nominating me for a 2010 Bloggie Award, and now I can’t just let a sleeping dog lie. I have to wake it up, and ask it to vote for me.

I’m running in the “Most Humorous” category. It’s a stretch, I know, but at least it gets me around the problem of competing with some of the excellent food blogs listed on the right side of your screen over there. If I’ve ever managed to make you laugh, and you’ve got a few minutes to cast a vote, you can do it at the 2010 Weblog Awards site.

While you’re there, you might consider some of those excellent blogs listed on the right side of your screen for Best Food Blog. (You have to include three nominations for your vote to count.)

Voting closes on Tuesday, at which point I should have pictures from the brand new trail camera (the outdoor kind, with motion detector and infrared flash) we bought yesterday. We’re going to hang it outside the chicken run to see what’s breaking in while we sleep. If you vote for me, I’ll post the pictures. I know the suspense is killing you.

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  1. Tamar, these are actually only the nominations. The voting is later in the month. My blog, Chezsven, is in the Best Kept Secret category. It is NOT a food blog. Thanks for anyone who adds it to their nominating list. I appreciate it.

  2. Alexandra — Yes, these are the nominations, but only the most-nominated blogs make it to the voting. Hence the craven plea.

  3. Hi Tamar, you got my vote! (But took me forever – either I’m becoming senile or the voting website is a tad unfriendly. Good luck.

  4. Voted for you as Most Humorous and as Best Written.

  5. Since I’m dying to see infrared photos of your polecat (… or whatever it is), I voted for you in the categories of Best Writing & Food. Good luck-

  6. You got my vote/nomination!

  7. “Prizes are ALWAYS a snare.” –Ezra Pound

    Not always a reliable source, but this time on the money.

  8. Your blog is well worth promoting – fun, wiity and always a good read! I voted for you too.