A man and his birds

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After changing out the screens for the windows, Kevin left the porch door open and fell asleep on the couch.  This is what I found.

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  1. Good photo, Tamar. When my family lived in Sudbury we had a similar experience, screen door left open, chickens ambling around on the dining room oriental rug – you did not mention the poop – seems our birds were so excited they pooped everywhere. Cute, but messy, guys.

  2. tooooo funny. I’m still laughing. What friendly birds.

  3. The day will come when you won’t even blink an eye seeing all the chickens in the house. It will be the norm.

    Welcome to the dark side.

  4. Jen, Jen, don’t tell me that. I’m trying to preserve a semblance of urbanity.

  5. It could be worse – I have been in the home of an acquaintance and seen a kid goat stood with its front feet on her breakfast table, finishing the cereal she left in her bowl. I use that as my “semblance of urbanity” benchmark.

  6. Great photo!(Never imagined I’d see your distinctive NYC coffee table someday surrounded by chickens-)

  7. beachnitpicker says:

    “What’s the matter with the Big Chicken?”
    “It looks bad. We never could get him to stay with the flock.”
    “I think he’s sleeping.”
    “Nah, that can’t be. Not lying flat with his head out in the open like that.”
    “We’ll really miss him.”

  8. oh my goodness – the alligator coffee table! Not NYC, that’s SF all the way!!!