Clams on pizza

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Kevin and I are very particular about our pizza, and we’ve spent long hours slaving in front of a hot oven perfecting our dough recipe, which involves high-protein Sir Lancelot flour from King Arthur, and our baking technique, which involves not just one, but two pizza stones.

clampieI use the term “our” very loosely, because it’s Kevin who’s done most of the perfecting, and it was Kevin who produced a spectacular white clam pizza.  It had chopped clams in a sauce of clam juice, wine, and heavy cream, flavored with onions, garlic, a bay leaf, and some crushed red pepper.  We topped it with a little basil and some (foraged) wild chives.

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  1. Finally had a minute to check out the blog, it is great! I find it kind of funny that I have lived on the cape for 34 years now and never harvested mussels. I love to eat them, and know that they are all over but I think I figured that the ones we eat come from Maine or somewhere. I only checked out the last few days and had to go get a snack.